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OTR Driver Training Program

Are you a new CDL driver and need OTR experience? Are you a seasoned driver returning to the road? Great news! We offer both OTR Training and Refresher Training for qualified drivers.

Your Success Starts Here

At Sharkey, we understand the importance of gaining valuable experience in the industry. That’s why we’ve designed our 5-week (25 days) Over-the-Road (OTR) Driver Training Program to help new drivers like you get the experience you need to succeed. Along the way, you’ll reach experience-level pay faster than ever before.

If you’re a seasoned driver returning to the road, our Refresher Driver Training Program ensures a smooth transition by pairing you with a professional Driver Trainer, customizing a 2-3 week training plan to renew your skills, and providing essential updates on industry rules and regulations.

The Roadmap to Your Success

Orientation: Setting the Course

Our paid, comprehensive orientation is designed to amplify your industry knowledge and learn more about our company. You’ll meet with team members, tour facilities, get hands-on experience, and engage in interactive training sessions. While sign-on bonuses are not offered to Driver Trainees, the road ahead is filled with opportunities for growth and compensation.

Accelerated Earnings from Day One

Hauling Your Way to Experience-Level Pay

Advancing to the Experienced Driver’s Seat

After a successful 24 weeks of solo driving, subject to safety department approval, you evolve from a Trainee to a Regular Driver. This progression unlocks the freedom to choose from various driver pay programs, including percentage-based, home weekly, and more.

Why Choose Sharkey’s OTR Driver Training?

At Sharkey Transportation, we are more than a training program—we are your partner on the road to success. Apply now and start your career as a skilled and confident professional driver with Sharkey’s OTR Driver Training Program!

FAQs for Driver Training – Empowering You for Success

1. What are your driver trainee requirements?

If you’re looking to join an exceptional team and share our commitment to success through service, start by reviewing our minimum driver trainee requirements:

Our OTR Driver Training Program is in high demand, with limited spots available each year. We carefully consider factors like your location, work history, safety record, and more to ensure the best fit for our program.

We primarily operate in the Midwest Regional area, including IA, IL, IN, MO, NE, OH, and WI, and prioritize applicants from these regions. With only about 30 students accepted annually, now’s the time to secure your spot!

2. I don’t have my CDL-A yet, do you offer training?

While we don’t have a CDL program, we recommend checking local options through community colleges or driving schools. Search for “CDL schools near me” and consider factors like training length, schedules, certifications, reviews, and costs. Once you have your CDL, explore opportunities with companies like ours that offer OTR Driver Training for new CDL Graduates.

3. What skills will be covered for new CDL drivers?

In our OTR Driver Training Program, we prioritize your safety and success on the road. We cover a comprehensive range of skills, including safety protocols, best practices, trip and route planning, metro driving, e-log management, compliance essentials, and top-notch customer service techniques. Valuable time alongside a professional Driver Trainer will enhance your confidence and skills before driving solo. This training typically spans 5-6 weeks, ensuring a solid foundation for your professional driving career.

4. Is there a Refresher Training option for experienced CDL drivers?

Absolutely! We understand that returning to the road after a hiatus may require a bit of recalibration. Our specially designed Refresher Driver Training pairs CDL drivers with seasoned professionals for skill and technique renewal. This tailored program, lasting 2-3 weeks, also includes updates on the latest industry rules and regulations.

5. Will I be paid during driver training?

Absolutely! At Sharkey Transportation, we believe in valuing your commitment. Both our OTR Driver Training and Refresher Driver Training are paid opportunities. As a Driver Trainee, you’ll earn $140.00 for every 24 hours spent with your dedicated Driver Trainer.

Training DurationGross Pay
120 hours (5 days)$700
168 hours (7 days)$980

Your training isn’t just an investment in your skills—it’s a rewarding experience from day one.

6. How often will I get home during driver training?

Home time during OTR Driver Training and Refresher Driver Training varies based on factors such as Driver Trainer availability, locations, desired home time, and other considerations like holidays or family commitments. Our priority is to accommodate your needs whenever possible.

7. What can I expect during OTR driver training?

We want to ensure you’re well-prepared for this unique experience. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect:

Remember, this training phase is designed to set you up for success as you embrace the challenges and rewards of the OTR lifestyle. We’re with you every mile!

8. Is there a Tuition Reimbursement option?

Yes! At Sharkey Transportation, we understand that investing in your education is key to your success as a driver. That’s why we offer Tuition Reimbursement to eligible Driver Trainees.

Receive financial support for your verifiable Driver Training Tuition, with a maximum reimbursement of $4,100. Students from Des Moines Area Community College, Hawkeye Community College, John Wood Community College, Lincoln Land Community College, Midwest Technical Institute, and other reputable programs have reaped the benefits of our Tuition Reimbursement. Join the ranks of these exceptional graduates when you take advantage of our reimbursement options.

9. Do you offer a scholarship?

Yes! We established a dedicated scholarship for qualified students enrolled in John Wood Community College’s Truck Driver Training Program.

Explore the road to success with Sharkey Transportation’s scholarship for the John Wood Community College Truck Driver Training Program. Our scholarship covers full tuition. This offers you the chance to excel in a cutting-edge, 44,000-square-foot newly remodeled facility, which includes a four-acre maneuvering range and a new 2024 Truck Driver Training addition. Discover program details here and take your first step towards an exciting future as a professional driver.

Need more inspiration? Hear from a JWCC student and Sharkey scholarship recipient who shares their journey here. Learn firsthand how this scholarship has propelled them toward a successful and fulfilling career in trucking with Sharkey Transportation.

Let’s talk about how our OTR Driver Training can help you!

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