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FAQs for Drivers – Your Roadmap to Success

1. How often will I make it home?

At Sharkey, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to Pay Plans and Home Time. The choice is yours, offering flexibility based on your preferences. We are primarily non-forced dispatch. There are a few select pay packages that are Directed Dispatch.

2. What CPM Pay Plans do you offer?

Our diverse Pay Plans are designed for different lanes and home time preferences. The base pay range depends on which division (Dry Van, Reefer, or Flatbed) and which home time plan you select (Weekly, 15 Out/3 Home, or 23 Out/5 Home). 

Our top pay currently is .70 cents per mile, with the option to add an extra .05 cents per mile if you opt-out of our premium-free family health coverage.

3. What Percentage Pay Plans do you offer?

On some routes, earning a percentage of the revenue for the load is the better option. Luckily, we offer both CPM and Percentage Pay Plans! Your dedicated Recruiter and Fleet Manager will guide you in selecting the best option based on your goals and preferences.

4. How much can I make per week on average?

Your potential average gross earnings range from $1,200 to $2,200 per week, depending on your chosen lane and home time. It’s your journey, and your earnings reflect your commitment and preferences. Convenient W-2 pay with weekly direct deposits make your earnings readily available.

5. How many miles can I expect and are they consistent?

You have control over your average miles! With 98% of our freight preplanned and 65% drop/hook, you have control over your hours while complying with DOT regulations. Home Weekly drivers average 2,200-2,500 miles per week.

6. What do you mean by 100% Premium-Free Family medical, dental, and life insurance?

Our commitment to you includes covering 100% of your insurance premiums for you and your family. There are no deductions from your weekly pay. It’s our way of ensuring your focus stays on the road. We are considered self-insured. There are no networks for coverage, so you and your family can seek care wherever you prefer.

Effective dates of coverage:

The day following 90 days of employment for the health plan and life insurance.

The day following 455 days of employment (90 days + 1 year) for dental. 

7. What if I don’t need medical insurance coverage?

Opt-out easily by signing a form, and we’ll reward you with an additional:

.05 cents per mile (CPM drivers)

2% increase (percentage drivers)

Hourly wage increase (hourly drivers)

8. How many Dispatchers (Fleet Managers) will I work with?

You’ll work with one dedicated Fleet Manager daily, ensuring a go-to partner for daily operations. For after-hours support, our experienced dispatch team is on duty 24/7, 365 days per year. Our main office in Quincy, IL serves as the central dispatch hub, ensuring responsive communication between our drivers, customers, support staff, and satellite terminals.

9. Do you have assigned trucks?

Absolutely. Each driver is assigned their own Mack Truck. You can even take it home on your days off, provided you have a secure and approved parking location.

10. What type of runs and equipment can I expect?

Choose from Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, or Flatbed Crane divisions. We’re based in Quincy, IL, and our focus is Midwest Regional operations, covering states such as IA, IL, IN, MO, NE, OH, and WI. Although we primarily operate in the Midwest, we are authorized for operations throughout the lower 48 states.

We have Mack Pinnacles and Anthems from 2014 to 2022 currently on the road. Trucks are assigned based on experience, safe driving record, home time, location, performance, company longevity, and equipment availability.

11. Do you have inverters or APUs?

Yes, we provide APUs or inverters with no idle shutoffs.

12. What speed are your trucks governed at?

Our Macks are governed at 65 MPH on the pedal and cruise, ensuring a balance of efficiency and safety. Our home weekly drivers average 2,200-2,500 miles. Drivers out longer average higher miles.

13. Do your trucks have cameras?

No. Our trucks are not equipped with cameras—there are no inward or outward facing cameras. Drivers can choose to install their own cameras if desired though. 

14. Do you provide microwaves, refrigerators, televisions, etc. in your trucks?

No, but you have the freedom to configure your truck as you like, with the OTR equipment you desire.

15. What is your rider policy?

After just 90 days, you can welcome an approved rider along at no additional charge. Share the journey with an immediate family member 10 years of age or older. Only one rider is allowed at a time.

16. Do you allow pets?

Service animals are welcome. Pets are not permitted.

17. Do you have team opportunities?

Absolutely! Contact our Recruiting team to explore team opportunities.

18. Do you have Owner Operator opportunities?

Yes, we do! Connect with our Recruiting team or visit Sharkey Owner Operator for more information.

19. Do you offer CDL-A Training and/or OTR Driver Training?

No and yes.

No, we don’t have a CDL program, but you can check what’s available in your area through a community college or local driving school. Google “CDL schools near me” to get started.

Yes, we do offer paid OTR Driver Training for new CDL-A drivers. Explore our OTR Driver Training Programs at Sharkey OTR Driver Training.

20. Do you offer Tuition Reimbursement for attending a certified CDL school?

Yes, we offer up to $4,000 in tuition reimbursement. Contact a recruiter for program specifics.

21. What can I expect during Orientation?

Your paid 3-day Orientation is your opportunity to connect with various team members, including Recruiting, Safety, and Shop Maintenance. Get all the details on our Sharkey Orientation page!

22. I’m interested! How do I learn more?

Fantastic! Call us at 800.354.8945, fill out our quick contact form, or visit Sharkey Driving Jobs and use our live chat (available weekdays from 0700-1700 CST). We can’t wait to chat with you!

Join Sharkey Transportation, where every answer drives you closer to a successful and rewarding career! Apply Now and let’s hit the road together!

Do you offer Tuition Reimbursement for attending a certified CDL school?

Yes, we offer up to $4,000 tuition reimbursement. Please contract a recruiter for specifics of the program.

What can I expect during Orientation?

Our paid 3-day Orientation is your chance to personally meet with team members from various departments including Recruiting, Safety, and Shop Maintenance. Get all the details about what to expect on our Sharkey Orientation page!

I’m interested! How do I learn more?

Excellent! Simply give our team a call at 800.354.8945 or fill out our quick contact form or visit and use our live chat (available weekdays from 0700-1700 CST). We’re excited to talk with you!